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Amazing Tours And Fun Adventures Waiting For You

Stay in Cozy Cocoons. Gorge on Local Cuisines. Spark a bonfire of memories and go all the places your journey takes you.

Pick Your Favorite Destinations And we’ll take you All Around The Globe

Sail across Continents or pick an international destination for your next trip and let us be your personal travel guide.


Marvels of Europe

Where Nature is an Artist

Rejoice on the beauty of Castles or catch new sunsets on Greek Islands or enjoy Germany’s famous beer festival.


Colors of Asia

Eat, Pray & Celebrate

Discover world’s most vibrant cultures spread across India, UAE, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia and other adorable places of Asia.



American Dreams

Incredible North, Scenic South

Behold the breathtaking views of New York Skyline or join us on our journey to Spanish events & Caribbean Islands in South.


Wake Up the
Traveler Inside you Who dreams to discover this World.

Nature lover or Water Sports enthusiast, we have hosts of destinations where you relax and rejuvenate yourself away from the hustle bustle of city life.

Trending, Best Selling Tours And Fun Destinations

The Global Getaways is ready to host you on tours and expeditions to some of the best destinations of our lil blue sphere.

Your Comfort is Our Reward

Initially I was skeptic, but after this Kerala trip, I can confidently recommend Global Getaways to my friends.

Best Wishes to The Global Getaways. The itinerary curated for me & my wife for this 6D/5N Sikkim Trip was totally worth it.

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